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Librarian Seeking …

‘Dear Hiring Manager’… it’s how most of my cover letters start.

I (Heather) did my morning job search again.  For those who don’t know, I’m a librarian.  It’s what helps me get to the nitty-gritty of history and culture that Chris and I write about.  I do love delving into research.  It doesn’t always matter what it’s about most of the time.  I can say without reserve that I’m a great researcher.  I love the challenge of it.  I love helping other people with it.

Free Giveaway Winners and Upcoming Events

Selling books to a Dalek

Selling books to a Dalek

This Week So Far…

… has been difficult thus far, as anyone who has read our previous blog post can attest, but life must go on. In that spirit, I (Christopher) would like to announce the winners of two recent free giveaways. As I mentioned before, we are still going to award books to winners from the Comicpalooza giveaway… it just took us several weeks to announce the winners. Now, with Space City Con, our delay has been a few days, but that is due to our recent tragedy. In addition, I would like to advise our readers of our remaining 2013 appearances, as well as our budding 2014 calendar.

About Our Cats – Ophelia

Ophelia Poses Reluctantly

Ophelia Poses Reluctantly

Wow… has it been months and months since I wrote about Lucius? Or has it been months and months and months?!?! However long it has been, somebody (Heather) has been pressing me (Christopher) to git’er dun (Texan for “go forth and accomplish”). Besides, Clyde has been harassing me to write about him, but I told him I had to write about Ophelia first. He did not understand why that was necessary and insisted I not dawdle if I insisted on writing about Ophelia first. Ophelia has been silent on the matter, though her claws have been cutting more deeply, of late… perhaps this is here way to emphasize that either I write about her soon or she will gouge out my eyes. So, here it goes… Ophelia.

Creating a Writing Environment

Yeah, we’ve been bad about posting again. It’s kind of been a stressful week despite the holiday. I (Heather) had to take a day of furlough. Many librarians are having to take similar actions as opposed to dealing with a layoff. However, it’s still stressful to think about a lost day of income.

I think part of this blog entry came to mind because of how difficult it’s been to write lately. Stress is always a factor for most writers. Yet sometimes there is a method to getting in the zone. Sometimes…

About Our Cats

I (Christopher) thought I would do something different for this blog post; instead of revealing some news or an announcement about our books, I thought I would write about our cats Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde. Some of you know that I have been unemployed for over eight (8) months; those who didn’t now know. I have spent nearly the entire time these last many months at home, locked away with these three wonderful beings in this gilded cage that has become of my home. Yes, our cats are my fellow inmates, but they are in some ways our children. Well, I thought it would be interesting to share with our readers a bit about the true rulers of our household: Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde.