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I (Christopher) thought I would do something different for this blog post; instead of revealing some news or an announcement about our books, I thought I would write about our cats Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde. Some of you know that I have been unemployed for over eight (8) months; those who didn’t now know. I have spent nearly the entire time these last many months at home, locked away with these three wonderful beings in this gilded cage that has become of my home. Yes, our cats are my fellow inmates, but they are in some ways our children. Well, I thought it would be interesting to share with our readers a bit about the true rulers of our household: Lucius, Ophelia, and Clyde.

Another reason I though I would write about our cats in this blog is because my sister Erin recently lost one of her cats, Whitney, due to cancer. I knew Whitney and Erin’s other cats, Winifred and Gizmo, when I lived at home, and even though I have not seen them in years, I feel like I have lost a family member as well. So, I guess this blog entry is a bit of therapy for me.


Sometime in the late 90’s (I think 98 or 99), Heather and a friend were leaving a cybercafe in one of the inner cities nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth when Heather heard a feline cry from a nearby tree. As she approached, she noticed a tiny, wet black cat, who was evidently complaining about being treed by a dog and not about being wet (Lucius loves getting wet). Well, Heather took him home and later got him checked out at the vet. Even at 6 months (I think that was his age when Heather found him), the vet observed that his paws were huge, which meant he was going to be a very large cat.

I remember the first litter box Heather got him was open, and he loved to fling his litter all over the room… wheeeeeee!!!! Watch that stuff fly… hahahaha!!! It didn’t take us long to realize we needed a covered litter box. Heather and I would swap taking care of Lucius, since at the time we lived in separate apartments in the same complex, so sometimes he would stay with me, and sometimes with Heather. After we got married on September 4, 1999 (this is on the test), Lucius was able to live with both of us.

Lucius likes the ladies, whether cat or human. When he goes to the vet, he puts on his charms for the female vets or veterinary assistants. Any female guests that visit soon catch his eye, and soon his wiskered cheek. Lucius also has developed very unique meows, such as mow raugh with the mow at a higher pitch than the raugh. We have since learned that he might be derived from the Bombay breed of cats. He talks to us frequently, even carrying on a conversation at times. Lucius also likes to visit us while in the bathroom. He even walks on the edge of the tub while Heather bathes and permits Heather to wash him with palm-fulls of bath water. He prefers drinking from the bath dub faucet, but when we aren’t running the water in the bath, he can drink from one of those Drinkwell water dishes that produces a babbling waterfall.

Lucius has a few places where he likes to sleep. His favorite is in my Lazyboy, though Clyde also favors that spot. Lucius also likes to sleep in the master bedroom closet on the right side, although I see him more frequently sharing the couch with Ophelia. Lately, Lucius has been nudging my arms and scratching the arms of my leather recliner whenever I watch TV. He will occasionally jump on my lap and insist on blocking my view of the TV. When Heather and I go to bed, Lucius almost always goes to sleep between my knees or ankles. He used to attack our feet under the blankets, but frequent launches into the air convinced him not to attack our feet. Lucius goes to sleep when I do and is usually there when I wake up.

Our readers will get to enjoy a character who is based on Lucius when book 5 of the Morrigan’s Brood Series comes out, Morrigan’s Brood: Shards of Light. He “plays” Lucius the Fairy Cat, which is a pivotal role in the book. He has also influenced the how Mandubratius is written. Have any of our readers noticed cat-like qualities in the man? Perhaps not in the first two books, but certainly books 3 through 5 he is more cat-like.

Well, Lucius is thankfully healthy, and he occasionally keeps me company in my gilded cage, whether jumping on my lap, resting at my feet, or talking to me. I am grateful to have him in my life, and I hope he remains so for many more years.

I will talk about Ophelia and Clyde in other posts, for I have chores to do.




  1. Suki


    As the other person that was there when Lucius was found.. I believe it was 97 near Halloween , or at least in October when he was found. I also would like to mention he is a pen and straw thief of the highest sneakiness… But a total love bug!

    I actually miss him hiding my pens and stealing my straws…


      • Reply

        Oh, well since I am not talking to myself (triscellepublishing), that must be from Heather. I thought it was 98 or 99, but I can’t remember much that happened before today… much less that happened before 5:00 PM today…

    • Reply

      I think you might be correct, Suki. He does love to fetch straws, and he brings them back, sometimes anyway. We bought one of those cat toys with the long woven strip of fabric with fake fur woven in. We bought it mainly for Clyde, but Lucius, the old fart he is, also likes to play with the toy. He also loves hiding in boxes. When we get a new book order in or we buy something that comes in a box, all three cats fight over who gets to sit within, and Lucius is usually the winner.



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