We are a small press publishing company specializing in print books and ebooks of the epic fantasy, historical fantasy, and dark fantasy genres. The cornerstone of our offering is the Morrigan’s Brood Series, which includes the following published titles: Morrigan’s Brood, Crone of War, Madness & Reckoning, Dark Alliance, Curse of Venus, and Shards of Light; as well as these titles under development: Dynasties of Night, Odin’s Chosen, and Hera’s Wrath. We are also delving into erotic romance with our first release in the Lusty Librarian Adventures anthology, titled It’s In the Cards, and into urban fantasy with an as yet untitled series that will contain these titles: Dudes Love Fairies, Bitches Love Unicorns, and One Fat Witch.

This site provides information about our Company, our contributing authors, artists, editors, and other persons involved in the creative process, as well as publishing partners, author appearances, our brand, and our story. Linked to our website is a sub-site focusing on the Morrigan’s Brood Series.

As you can no doubt see for yourselves, we are still in the process of updating our website using WordPress in order to add new features and content that were not in the old site. For example, the original Triscelle Publishing WordPress blog has been moved here; this new blog will focus on the Morrigan’s Brood Series, its authors, and writing topics in general. In addition, we have created a separate publishing blog for Triscelle Publishing, located here.

Also, if you are visiting our site to download our slide deck “How to Start Your Own Publishing Company”, please click here to download it in PDF format for free.

The table below contains a listing of many of the elements that are planned for this new site. So, please don’t mind the mess as we expand our site. Enjoy your journey!

The changes that are planned include:

  • Book preview page, using an embedded JAVA or other object that allows realistic page-like transitions of limited sections of our books
  • A Store front for ordering unsigned print books, signed print books, eBooks, and perhaps audio books (wink wink)
  • A calendar-based event scheduler so that readers can set reminders to author appearances and other events
  • Profile pages for each of our content providers, complete with bios, pictures, art, and links
  • Profile pages for each of our publishing partners