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Where to Start? 2012 Appearances

I (Christopher) have been running ragged trying to book events for next year, of course as some of you in the biz know, some places won’t start accepting applications (or send you invitations) until 3 to 3 months out. However, one venue is way on the ball… Comicpalooza, and they are in late May… yet at this moment, vendor applications are available on-line. Wow… So, to finish off this year’s appearances, we have the Magick Cauldron this weekend, followed by Sherwood Forest Celtic Music Festival and HPPD in September and the Salado Scottish Festival in November. Heather and I are both working to add some smaller venues somewhere in that time-frame, so keep checking your calendar. Some of you recall that we had previously listed the Austin Celtic Festival, but because of their small size and that most of their prior years’ vendors came back, they had no room for us; maybe next year. For dates and links, visit our events page on our website.

2013 Appearances

Spring is looking to be a very busy season for us with a few back-to-back weekends of appearances. Since ConJour, which we have attended in prior years, is on hiatus for 2013, first off will be the Chilli cook-off to benefit the Houston St. Patrick’s Day Parade (date unknown). March 1st through 3rd, the first weekend in March 2013, is the traditional time for North Texas Irish Festival, while late March is typically when AggieCon is held. However, after looking at the AggieCon44 website, it seems that it too is scheduled for March 1st through 3rd 2013. Since Heather and I come as a set, and there are not clones of us, we can only go to one event or the other. For our friends who usually see us at AggieCon, this means we will regretfully not be seeing you there, since we have decided instead to go to North Texas Irish Festival, which we had attended this year, a few weeks before AggieCon. As some of you know from talking to us, Celtic / Irish / Scottish festivals are more our niche and yield higher sales than fantasy cons. Well, we have to go where we feel we can make the most sales. Hopefully in 2014 (unless the 2013 date for AggieCon magically changes), AggieCon and NTIF will be on different weekends.

So, after NTIF comes the San Antonio Highland Games and Scottish Festival (Heather and I can’t want to meet up with our friend Jane) starting our April/May madness, Houston Indie Book Fest the weekend after, and then after a weekend breather, it looks like we will have a Houston Scottish Festival and Highland Games after a two year hiatus. The next weekend is the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games (we hope), followed three weeks later by Comicpalooza. Ack!!! After all of that, I will need to get my kilt dry cleaned… maybe before that.

So visit our events page and look up these events.

Free Giveaway Drawing

We collected tickets at Space City Con for our usual event-related free giveaway, and we will also collect tickets from the Magick Cauldron at our book signing this Saturday. If you cannot attend one of those events and wish to win one of our novels, please send me an email to be entered into our free giveaway. The drawing will be held Monday the 20th, when I have jury duty… US District Court in Houston, Texas.

Space City Con

Wow! Heather and I had loads of fun at Space City Con last weekend! We met lots of nice folks, many who stopped by our booth. Heather and our friends Ji Ji and Trinette even snatched a few pictures of costumed patrons reading our books / chapter books. Wow! When are we going to post them? One high point for my day was meeting R.A. Salvatore. He, more than any other author, influenced my writing and storytelling style. Some reviewers and fans have even compared Heather’s and my works to his… what a compliment. I will probably cover our encounter at the signing table in more detail in another post, but while the meeting was a high point for me, he seemed out of it, since his mother has been having medical issues; he had even announced that he would be cancelling his visit due to a family emergency, but then the emergency passed and he reaffirmed his visit. Still, his heart seemed to be in Massachusetts.

Well, we came home with lots of cool art, great comic books, and new friends. We had lots of fun, and we look forward to coming back next year… and it was great not to have to pay for parking.

Goodreads Free Giveaway

Don’t forget, we are giving away five signed copies each of not one book, but two… Crone of War: Morrigan’s Brood Book II and Madness & Reckoning: Stories of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. Also, Morrigan’s Brood (book 1) is available for free download, that opportunity ends when the free giveaway ends… October 22… just in time for Halloween.. Also remember that Morrigan’s Brood (book 1) available for free download from Goodreads. Look below for more details:

Thanks to our family, friends, and fans for your continued support!

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