Welcome New Fans!

What an event! Heather and I (Christopher) just returned from HPPD, and we had fun! Good music (for the most part), good dancing, and great people. If you met up with us at HPPD, give us a cheer. Also, if you took pictures of us, please tag or or send us copies to post. We love pictures of us, not that we are narcissists, or anything like that. Thank you for stopping by our tent.

Free Giveaway 1, in honor of HPPD

As with any event we attend, we like to have a free giveaway. Those attending the festival had opportunities to enter in our free drawing, but if you weren’t there or you were there but didn’t know we had a free giveaway, don’t worry… you can still enter. Just send an email to chris_dunbar@triscellepublishing.com, and tell that bloody idiot (me) to bolly well enter you in that giveaway. The drawing will be done Monday the 16th of October in the evening. The prize will be one book of the winners choice.

Free Giveaway 2, on Goodreads

We are giving away, through Goodreads, book 3. The giveaway is not yet open, but as soon as it is, please feel free to click on the appropriate links below to enter. Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dark Alliance by Heather Poinsett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar

Dark Alliance, Morrigan’s Brood Book III by Heather Poinsett Dunbar and Christopher Dunbar

Giveaway ends November 06, 2011.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win


We are in the process of booking more events for this year and for next year. Here is a short list of possible, pending, and confirmed events.

  • 2011 Salado Highland Games – Pending
  • Magick Cauldron – Possible (after TRF)
  • 2012 ConJour – Confirmed
  • 2012 North Texas Irish Festival – Possible
  • 2012 AggieCon – Pending
  • 2012 Comicpalooza – Pending
  • 2012 ApolloCon – Pending
  • 2012 Houston Indy Book Fest – Possible
  • 2012 Houston Highland Games – Possible
  • 2012 Houston St. Patricks Day Parade – Pending
  • 2012 San Antonio Highland Games – Possible
  • Other events…

See you there?

Thanks to our friends and fans!!!


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