We Have Winners!

Thank you everyone who entered our contest in honor of ApolloCon.  We have eight winners to announce.  The tickets were put in a bowl, mixed, and then the names were drawn.  The question is, who won?  Hmmm…. let me try to answer that question…

Paperback Winners

These winners will receive a signed paperback copy of either Morrigan’s Brood or Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War (as soon as we receive our first shipment).  We will also cover postage / shipping costs.  These three winners are:

  • Toni Nixon, Ticket # 348938
  • Tori Buckley, Ticket # 348955
  • Lisa Hayes, Ticket # 348935

eBook Winners

These winners will receive a PDF file, delivered either by CD or email, of either Morrigan’s Brood or Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War (as soon as we receive our first shipment).  These five winners are:

  • Y. Curless, Ticket # 348947
  • Tinhuviel, Ticket # 348937
  • Esmerelda Little Flame, Ticket # 348929
  • Kenny Rix, Ticket # 348946
  • Nate Hilliard, Ticket # 348948

Prize Delivery

Do all of the winners have their ticket stubs with them?  Not to worry; we know who you are…. hahahaha.  Just kidding. Well, you did write your name and means of contacting you on the other half of the ticket.  So, we will try to get a hold of the winners to arrange for the delivery of your prizes.  If you are a winner of an eBook and have no capacity of desire to read an eBook, we can arrange for you to receive a signed paperback, but we would ask that you cover shipping costs, which we can handle over the phone or via PayPal.  Heather or I will contact winners this week.  However, since we were only able to obtain a limited quantity of print books this month it may take a little while longer to get a print copy to you (if you wish to exchange a pdf copy for a print copy).

Previous Contest Winners

Due to the holiday weekend, I have hesitated in contacting prior winners who desired Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War because I did not wish to interrupt your holiday weekend.  However, I will be contacting you this week to see how you would like your prize delivered, since it is now available.  Previous contest winners were:

Paper Book Winners:

  • Marta Fabianek, Ticket # 348916
  • Cornelia Amiri, Ticket # 348906
  • Judy Floyd, Ticket # 348909

eBook Winners:

  • Lola Overland, Ticket # 348926
  • Scott Young, Ticket # 348911
  • John Harrison, Ticket # 348908
  • Caitlyn O’Dell, Ticket # 348919
  • M. Edmonds, Ticket # 348904

Thank you contestants for entering, and good luck on our next contest!  Thank you friends and fans of Triscelle Publishing

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