Can We Call You Awvarwy? (another interview)

(Heather) Can we call you Awvarwy?

(Mandubratius) No, you may address me as Mandubratius; that way I have a reason to dislike you. If you call me Awvarwy, and manage to do it somewhat correctly, I must find a way to like you a little bit.

(Heather) Are you annoyed that I spoke to Marcus before you?

(Mandubratius) I was ready to emerge from the shadows, and whose name did I hear …Marcus Galerius blah blah blah and you thought I’d be annoyed by that?

(Heather) Uh yeah…

(Mandubratius) Once again whatever for?

(Heather) Is it okay if I type while we talk?

(Mandubratius) Hmm that is a rather interesting machine…Yes for now.

(Heather) How would you feel, as a long-lived Lamia, were you to find in a historical journal an opinion by a leading historian that claimed you were an errand boy for Julius Caesar?

(Mandubratius) *Chuckles* That’s preposterous. A renowned historian writes in some journal that I’m just a mere errand boy for Caesar. Who concocted this question? Punish him accordingly. It’s asinine. I will answer it though…were this historian still living I’d visit him or her and persuade them that their research was flawed and that they must refute it immediately.

(Heather) And if they refuse?

(Mandubratius) They would not. Now if they were no longer living I’m sure I could find family colleagues other well respected historians to debunk the claims and yes they would do so. Such is my gift of persuasion.

(Heather) You are a footnote according to my research.

(Mandubratius) You see, I’m still here. Caesar and his staff, well most of them, are no longer living.

(Heather) Except for two

(Mandubratius) I spoke in a way to reveal those two as living…if you would read and comprehend. *sigh* You see I work beneath what is in view of people. There is no record of my goings-on as I’d like it to be. Politics, government, and wealth moves along the way I want it to. A whisper, a touch of murder here and there, history appears to be written by other men. However, it’s with my pen and ink that it’s written.

(Heather) Where you surprised to learn Marcus was alive?

(Mandubratius) Mmmm, *frowning*. That’s a very good question. I suppose after becoming Lamia my disbelief in the supernatural faded. Yes I was raised on the Twyleth Tweg. I did study druidism in my early years, but I never at my core could touch it to feel something supernatural. Then after becoming Lamia, a race of beings touched by the gods, anything seemed possible. And then here living before me is he who believed me to be a traitor and who tortured me and nailed me to a tree and left me for dead…oh for so many years after that I hoped he would be alive so I could kill him, and I suppose half of my wish came true. There he was. But the other half…hmmm not quite fulfilled.

(Heather) A question from Khanada, Have you ever regretted the results of your trouble-making and manipulations?

(Mandubratius) Have I ever regretted the results of my troublemaking and manipulations?? First of all, I do not make trouble. In fact trouble rarely fits into my plans. I apply force when needed. Sometimes it’s just a light touch. Other times it’s an avalanche. But everything I do is towards a goal of mine. The troublemaking as Khanada said, is all for accomplishing my goals. I have no regrets whatsoever. Even if my goals are not met, it is because of circumstances beyond my control. Such as severing Marcus…that goal has been delayed, but it’s nothing to regret. Rather it is something for me to look forward too. I hate ending a sentence with an infinitive or preposition. It places a bad taste in my mouth.

(Heather) Here’s another one from Khanada. If you could go back in time and either live out your mortal life or die instead of being changed to Lamia, would you do it?

(Mandubratius) *Chuckle…laughter…laughter.* the answer is NO…I would not go back in time if that were even possible and live the remainder of my days as a mortal. Even though…my sponsorship as a Lamia shall we say was catastrophic. I am so much more than I could have been as a mortal, and I don’t carry a heavy burden of guilt. So I would have no qualms were I placed in the same position, being tortured and left for dead, yes I’d be a Lamia again. Besides, my mortal life would have been quite short had I not agreed. Not that I really agreed, but I think you understand my meaning. I could have stood in the sun the next morning, but no I wanted the gift and I will never give it up. I will never be one that stands in the sun waiting for that final escape from this realm. Somebody would have to kill me. That is the only way I will get to the Otherworld. They are welcome to try.

(Heather) What was life in Trinovantum like?

(Mandubratius) I assume you meant before I went to speak to Caesar? Yes. I remember life was fairly pleasant except for the political rivalries with family members and such. But I had ample time to enjoy good mead and good women. In addition to my two legitimate children, I fathered many others.

(Heather) Was there a favorite child, a favorite woman?

(Mandubratius) My wife was a political spouse. I really found no single woman to be …strong enough for me. I don’t mean that in a physical way, though a tall woman is to my preference, but she must have a strong will and be willing to stand up to a chieftain in private. I don’t want others to have the wrong idea, of course.

(Heather) “What do you remember of your mother? What kind of a relationship did you have?

(Mandubratius) My mother. *Silence* Oh, I don’t remember a lot about my mother. I know that she taught me something about druids and encouraged me to become one, but I remember she died when I was young. I can’t remember how or when exactly. It wasn’t too long before my father had another woman. That was my stepmother. It is most interesting that my future stepmother would visit my father’s house when mother and I were in the grove.

(Heather) You remember this from your youth?

(Mandubratius) Perhaps I confuse that with my uncle. That time is clouded.

(Heather) What kept you from eliminating Amata as a co-consul?

(Mandubratius) Remember my description of the ideal woman.

(Heather) Yes

(Mandubratius) Amata fits that description. She’s also charismatic and carries many Lamia as her allies. Were I to have killed her, I would have started a bloody civil war for control of the Lamia. I’d rather keep a civil war to the shadows.

(Heather) So you feel Felician’s sponsorship of you has lead to your more eccentric tendencies?

(Mandubratius) *Laughter* Tell me. Let us say…you, Miss Heather came up with this question. Let us say you were accused of betrayal, tortured in a savage manner, I cringe at the savageness of the brutality. Nailed …left for dead . Do you not think it would not have some impact on your fragile little psyche? Now add to that a few hundred years of an insidious autocrat micromanaging everything you do. Now tell me, would you have stayed sane or would you have taken the first opportunity to step in the sun. You might have stepped into the sun, I did not. So you see despite the obvious trauma that my not so fragile psyche suffered, I turned out quite well, don’t you think?

(Heather) Yes of course. Do you have a favorite song that is ‘you’?

(Mandubratius) I cannot remember bardic tales from when I was younger. So, no I cannot think any songs. But I doubt a song could describe me.

(Heather) Were you to find the treasure you’re seeking in the current book, how would you begin to restore the Lamia to power?

(Mandubratius) I would commune with Mars and receive his guidance on how he would like the Lamia restored. Of course you expected me to say I’d charge to conquer all that was before me. But you forget I’m pious before Mars and Venus of course. But it is Mars who would bestow the gift on me for restoring the treasure to his sacred statue. It is believed as soon as it is re-attached whoever’s hand is on it will be sent to Mars himself so that instructions would be given and his honors bestowed. Then I would conquer in his name.

(Heather) So you don’t speak or commune with the pantheons you revered as a mortal?

(Mandubratius) I remember what my mother taught me and other things I learned along the way. After meeting Deargh Du and the other Celtic lines I learned these Deities do exist but I am Lamia I cannot call to them in the same manner as before. It would be a slap, if you will, upon Mars. Since I am seeking His gifts I would do well not to offend Him by communing with other Gods and Goddesses.

(Heather) Why should others read this book?

(Mandubratius) Some of my final thoughts were along those lines…great minds think alike. It’s a rare compliment believe me. However, the entire story doesn’t exactly paint me in a pleasing manner. So what possible encouragement would I have to make people want to read something that shows me in such a negative light?

(Heather) Well, it would get them to read the sequels which do show your positive attributes.

(Mandubratius) True. I suppose this first story tells an interesting story and takes characters on an entertaining journey. If you wish for a soundbyte, Buy Morrigan’s Brood or I’ll visit you, unless you happen to be one of my friends, then buy the book or I won’t visit.

(Heather) Thank you for the interview.

(Mandubratius) Soraidh. Be sure to send Piglet my best wishes. I know you will interview her next.


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