2013 Space City Con, Free Giveaways, and Other News

2013 Space City Con

New booth lighting at the 2013 Space City Con in Houston, Texas

Welcome Newcomers and All of Our Readers!

For those who recently discovered us at Space City Con, welcome! Sorry for the late post, but as a border-line introvert, it sometimes takes me days to recover from such an extroverted event. Now that my mind is at peace, I can give you, our readers, a reflection of the weekend, a look ahead of events to come, and give our readers, new and old, a chance to win some things… books and… wait… now I remember, a Kindle Fire. Want more information? Well, dive in!


The Experience

I (Christopher) experienced loads of fun at the 2013 Space City Con in Houston, Texas this past weekend… Wow! I couldn’t believe the numbers of people in line to get tickets Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and even Sunday! The event had lots to offer, including actors, artists, authors, writers, and other creative types from the big and little screens, comic books, novels, video games, and the burgeoning on-line media storm. Instead of describing all of the features of the convention, I’ll just direct our readers to their website. Still, as I said, Heather and excelled at fun, and we even sold lots of books! What’s more, I hope many of you who checked us out over the weekend will give us a shout. Read further in this blog for more fun things going on with us. Do I hear the words, “free giveaway”?

Our Booth

Drizzt Do'Urden and Me

Drizzt Do’Urden and Me

Womaning the booth with me were my co-author and wife Heather Poinsett Dunbar, our dear friend Trinette Flanagan, and our dear friend and fellow author Cornelia Amiri, author of Celtic-themed romance novels, among other genres, who signed books alongside us. For this event, I set up our 10×3.33 lighting and signage frame within our 12×6 space, since we reserved two tables. In addition to the two table banners, the Triscelle Publishing banner on the frame, and the two cover banners on the easels in the background, I hung another 10×1 banner, “Authors of the Morrigan’s Brood Series” banner ten feet above the frame. I also deployed the same lighting I had used for Comicpalooza, but this time, I used more blue bulbs and substituted the green ones with black bulbs. The effect was pretty cool, wouldn’t you say? Oh, and we had lasers… and blazers… and tazers… and phasers… and… OK, we just had lasers. I love how the books glowed, and everyone who walked by looked so cool… especially that dalek I tried to sell a book to. “Daleks have currency,” I was told.

Selling books to a Dalek

Selling books to a Dalek

The Celebrities

I did get to meet lots of actors there as well, and I got a few things signed. Let’s see… Gil Gerard signed a picture with him as Buck Rogers and Erin Grey as Wilma (Gil and I kept crossing paths, and the entire time, he remembered my name. It was like… “Hey Gil!” and then “Hey Christopher!” Cool.), John De Lancie signed a book he wrote, I had a hilarious chat with Jason Carter, and I bumped into Tori Higginson a few times and got to finally talk with her at her booth. I also saw Jewel Staite, Denise Crosby, Walter Koenig, and some of the other celebrities there. One of these nights, I will have to take a picture of my ill-gotten signed stuff.

(This is Heather taking over) Chris forgot to mention my Robert Picardo encounter. I was on my way downstairs on Thursday night and heard the *bing* of the elevator and walked in and found him standing there with a bell-cart. He offered to let me ride downstairs on it, but I was too shy to agree. Damn, I really should have taken the ride down to the dealers room. Oh well… next time, I’ll demand a ride.

(Chris is back!)

Free Giveways

Heather and Tentacle Kitty

Heather and Tentacle Kitty

Free Books

For those of you who attended Comicpalooza and entered our free giveaway, well, one week turned into one month. Sorry for the delay, but we will still hold that drawing. For those who entered during Space City Con, we will hold a separate drawing this coming Monday. If you missed the opportunity to enter at the con, just send me an email and ask to be entered into the drawing.

Free Kindle Fire

If you want more than just a book, help us out on Facebook to get the Triscelle Publishing Facebook page more likes. As of this moment, we are at 163, but I know we can do better. When we get to 200, we will pull a random winner from all of the likers at that moment, and the winner will receive a free Kindle Fire. In addition, we ask that you also like the pages for each of the books, which don’t seem to get a lot of traffic. Here are their links:

Curse of Venus: Morrigan’s Brood Book IV

I am still polishing it up. It has taken longer than anticipated; full-time jobs tend to do that. However, maybe I might release a couple of chapters in an ebook format sometime this month… If you like that idea, please let me know… otherwise, I will forget.

Thanks to all of our fans, friends, and family for your support!


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