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Author Christopher Dunbar in a kiltAh… time to breathe. We have had so much going on in the last few months that I (Christopher) have fallen behind on actual work… writing, and whatnot. Well, it looks like we are between events, so I should be able to catch a bit of a break. Today, I will belatedly be releasing the winners of the free giveaway we held for Comicpalooza (at the end of May), and I will be reminding everyone of our other free giveaway through Goodreads.  Also, here is a picture of me in a kilt.  This is the ancient hunting MacIntyre tartan worn as a great kilt [also called Breacan an Fhéilidh (belted plaid) or Féileadh Mòr (great plaid)].  The doublet is a Pendragon, the feather is a pheasant tail feather, the I made the sporran.  You can often find me kilt clad at these events, though the last few indoor events I was bereft of a kilt.  I shall have to make up for it in the future.

We have some exciting prospects coming up towards the second half of this year, though as in previous years, there seems to be fewer events we attend in Q3 and Q4 than we attend in Q1 and Q2. Still, plenty of events for you to come out and see us or listen to us read aloud. Let’s see… there is Space City Con, the Salado Scottish Festival and Highland Games, and even the Sherwood Forest Celtic Music Festival, among others. That’s another observation of our events… most of the events in Q3 and Q4 are outdoor venues, whereas most events we attended in Q1 and Q2 were indoor events. Strange.

Comicpalooza Free Giveaway Winners

Our winners for this free giveaway were:

  • Kelly Warren
  • Ben Snyder

We will likely have other free giveaways associated with some of our larger venues coming up, so stay tuned to our Facebook page or our blog for more information.

Future Events this Year

As I mentioned before, we have a number of appearances coming up. This list represents confirmed events (those we have already booked), pending events (those we are scheduling), and possible events (those events we would like to attend but are unable yet to set things up). Here is our Q3 through Q4 2012 event schedule thus far (subject to change).

Start Date

End Date

Event / Venue Status Location

Saturday 07/07/2012

Saturday 07/07/2012

The Magick Cauldron Confirmed Houston, Texas

Friday 08/10/2012

Sunday 08/12/2012

Space City Con Confirmed Houston, Texas

Saturday 09/22/2012

Sunday 09/23/2012

Sherwood Forest Celtic Music Festival Pending Austin, Texas

Saturday 10/08/2012

Saturday 10/08/2012

HPPD Confirmed Houston, Texas

Saturday 11/03/2012

Sunday 11/04/2012

Austin Celtic Festival Possible Austin, Texas

Friday 11/09/2012

Sunday 11/11/2012

Salado Scottish Festival and Highland Games Possible Salado, Texas

Goodreads Free Giveaway

I love Goodreads; I think it is my favorite site for readers. I only wish I could spend more time interacting with readers on it. Still, Goodreads presents us with an opportunity to offer signed books for free (in exchange for reviews), and so we continue to host giveaways with them. Please click on the appropriate links to enter to win a copy of our first novel. If you win the free giveaway and you already have one or more of our books, we will send you one you do not have; if the one you don’t have just happens to be book IV, we will send you one of the first copies of book IV when it has been released. Look below for more information:

Triscelle Publishing Website Improvements

As some of you may have noticed, I am making a few changes to the website. So far, I have updated the main page, our books page, and the about the authors page, although I am still troubleshooting some lingering issues with the author page (with my updates… not with the original content). I am also looking into some eCommerce options so our readers can purchase print and eBooks directly through our website.

Thanks to our family, friends, and fans for your support!

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