Comicpalooza and Two Free Giveaways

Lots of stuff going on (when is there not? They are called “weekdays”), so I thought I would take a break from the madness that is the night before Comicpalooza setup (for us artists / authors / dealers) to catch my breath and catch all of you up on the goings on. So, as you have no doubt gathered, we have Comicpalooza going on… more on that later. Also, we not only have one, but two, free giveaways! More on that later as well. We have also released an updated Kindle version of Morrigan’s Brood: Morrigan’s Brood Book I, which coincides with the re-release of the print book through Triscelle Publishing’s new printer and distributor, Lightning Source. Anyway, to the news:


We had so much fun at Comicpalooza last year that they permitted us to come back this year, and boy are those folks worn out already. They have been working tooth and nail to get things all set up for thus huge event. HUGE! It will be at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The times and other details can be found here. We will have our tent frame (see picture above) set up for lighting… hey, I like cool lights. You like cool lights? Come by and be mesmerized. Aside from sitting at our booth, which will be in the Artist Alley area, TT-300 and TT-302 (not near the place where you go t.t., but rather near where you go vroom-vroom… just look at the program guide when you get there so this will make sense), Heather and I will be performing a reading from Morrigan’s Brood, in addition to hosting a panel about starting a publishing and sitting on some other writing panels. Now, we actually don’t have a copy of the program guide yet, so there is a chance our events did not get scheduled, but cross your fingers that we will be doing our stuff for whomever wants to show up. Please, check out the program and come visit us.

In preparation for the presentation, I have uploaded a revised version of our presentation about how to start a publishing company. You can find it to the right in our folder. Please download a copy… it’s free! If I can remember tonight or tomorrow, I will print us off some copies.

Free Giveaways

Our first free giveaway is in honor of Comicpalooza. As is typical, we will start accepting drawings on the Friday of the event, in this case the 25th, and we will hold open the free giveaway for a little over a week, so we will hold the drawing Monday, June 4, just three days after the start of the 2012 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season… whoopeee! Sorry… disasters are my *other* profession. So, to enter, either fill out a ticket at our booth and drop it in the box, send me a message on Facebook, or send me a message at

Our second free is from Goodreads. Here are the details:

Thank you to our friends, fans, and family! See you at Comicpalooza!

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