Trouble Figuring out Which Books to Buy? Here’s Help!

My (Christopher) latest foray into and Barnes & Noble yielded duplications of our Morrigan’s Brood Series books.  But upon further reflection, I realized that the reason I was seeing double is because Triscelle Publishing is making the transition from one book printer and distributor to another.  As part of this transition, they are in the process of re-releasing our Morrigan’s Brood Series books, and Heather and I have been closely involved in this process.  It takes months for titles to change out there in distribution land, so it is not uncommon for booksellers to list the same title for the same format (i.e. trade paperback) for two prices, and for there to be a slightly different cover.  In order to alleviate confusion during this transition period, when old editions are retired and new editions are incorporated, I will provide a list of old and new ISBNs; this also includes eBooks.

ISBN-13 Media Title Version
9781937341008 pBook Morrigan’s Brood New
9781937341015 ePub Morrigan’s Brood New
9781937341022 Kindle Morrigan’s Brood New
9780615340425 pBook Morrigan’s Brood Old
9781937341060 ePub Morrigan’s Brood Old
9781937341077 Kindle Morrigan’s Brood Old
9781937341107 pBook Crone of War New
9781937341114 ePub Crone of War New
9781937341121 Kindle Crone of War New
9780692009925 pBook Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War Old
9781937341169 ePub Crone of War Old
9781937341176 Kindle Crone of War Old
9781937341206 pBook Dark Alliance New
9781937341213 ePub Dark Alliance New
9781937341220 Kindle Dark Alliance New
9781937341268 ePub Madness & Reckoning New
9781937341275 Kindle Madness & Reckoning New
9781937341282 pBook Madness & Reckoning New
9781937341299 pBook Chapter Book New

At some point, all of the old ISBNs will disappear and the new ones will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and where ever you buy your books on-line. Search-Inside features for Amazon will also be added to the new ISBNs soon, so keep your eyes out.

The primary reason Triscelle Publishing went through this ordeal of moving Morrigan’s Brood to another printer was to reduce the print costs, thus reducing the price you pay when you buy the books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. Thanks for your patience while we go through this transition.

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