Dark Alliance Now Available for Sale in Print Format

Dark Alliance: Morrigan's Brood Book III front cover, drawn by Khanada Taylor

Dark Alliance: Morrigan's Brood Book III front cover, drawn by Khanada Taylor

The long awaited third book in the Morrigan’s Brood Series, Dark Alliance, has now been released in print form. This new book incorporates many of the characters from the first two books, but it is set in early 9th century CE, in fact 801 CE to be more precise, the year after Charlemagne became emperor (Christmas, 800 CE). For more information about the book, visit its Goodreads page.

Due to some unexpected delays, Dark Alliance will initially only be available on Lulu (buy link). However, within the next two to six weeks, our distribution services through Lightning Source, our new printer and distributor, should make Dark Alliance available to the global marketplace, as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Until then, you can buy the eBook versions or you can pre-order the print version from Barnes & Noble for $11.46 versus $16.99 from Lulu. If you want a signed copy, we don’t have a large supply yet, as half of our stock is reserved for our latest free giveaway winners (see below) and the other half are print rejects, but as soon as we get more stock in, we can sell signed copies direct from us. I (Chris) will send an announcement when we will be able to take direct orders.

Goodreads Free Give Away Winners Announced

For those of you watching our humble blog, you no doubt have seen our Goodreads Free Giveaway and then entered the contest. Well, if you didn’t, we should have another one before long. If you did enter the contest, and you want to see whether you have won, the winners names are:

  • Leil Mahjelle Yansen of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Margaret Fivash of Sammamish, Washington
  • Zachary Cagle of Rutherford College, North Carolina

Congratulations to our winners! Stay tuned for more Free Giveaways and book signing events.

Thanks to all of our friends and fans!

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