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Dark Alliance Cover SpreadIt seems Heather or I (Chris) need to write one of these “where are we now?” types of blog entries because we just aren’t avid bloggers. There… I said it. It’s not that we are lazy, yet you have noticed my use of contractions… I am Mr. Anti-Contraction, if you ask Heather, as I selectively edit out some contractions ;-). So no… we haven’t been lazy… just really really busy and focused. I am taking a break from burning my candle at both ends to at least provide some awareness as to where we are with this book three… Dark Alliance… coming out in September, as well as other stuff. Well, here it goes:

Dark Alliance, Morrigan’s Brood Book III

Triscelle Publishing recently entered into an agreement with Lightning Source, a division of Ingram, to provide printing and distribution services for Dark Alliance and likely for future books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series. Depending on the location of our readers when they order a book, that book might be printed from one of two facilities in the US, from a print facility in Australia, or a print facility in the UK. Hopefully, this will bring the price down for our international readers, as tariffs hopefully will either not apply or be reduced because of the book’s physical place of manufacture. We have also finished designing the book and the cover, so we will soon be going through the process of sending those files to the printer and receiving a proof back.

Due to the book production and distribution schedule, we will be able to order books prior to the books being available via online booksellers. I know Barnes & Noble allows individuals to pre-order books, but they do not yet have the correct price. We will still have books on or around the release date, so our Goodreads contest winners will still be able to receive their books, and we plan to have some stock on hand if anyone would like to buy signed copies direct from us. Shipping domestically is around $5.00 for Priority mail or closer to $2.00 for media mail, whereas international shipping is around $15.00 for Priority mail.

At the same time our print books will be published, we will release an eBook of Dark Alliance in multiple formats. We will also link up with Lightning Source’s eBook distribution channels. Of course we will publish Kindle and Nook versions on their respective sites, and perhaps in some other formats on other sites.

At some point, we plan to do a re-release of Morrigan’s Brood and Crone of War with the new printer, but that won’t be for a while. Though, we may be able to release those eBooks (and let’s not forget our short-stories, Madness & Reckoning, which is available for FREE download on Goodreads) through Lightning Source’s eBook distribution channels.

I would also love to thank Jillian Rosenburg and my wife and co-author Heather Poinsett Dunbar for their outstanding efforts helping me with the copyedit of Dark Alliance and Khanada Taylor for her help on the cover and interior map. Thank you both for your tireless editing and (Heather) nagging about all the stuff she had to fix that I missed. Because of your efforts, we have a better book.

Interview and Contest Winner by Deranged Book Lovers

The lovely and talented Lynossa of Deranged Book Lovers has interviewed Heather and I about our writing about Celtic Mythology, and she even conducted a contest. We are happy to announce that Julie Witt from Ohio, USA won that contest and is now reading Morrigan’s Brood. Lynossa also has received all three books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series, and she has offered to review at least one of the books (here is a teaser), and hopefully all three. She also has other fantastic reviews on her site:

Goodreads Contest

For those who didn’t see our announcements on Facebook, yes, we have another contest. If you are reading this and don’t know what Goodreads is, it is a site for you, book readers, and it gives you free contests to win books, book discussion groups with fellow readers, and you get to see what your friends are reading. I highly recommend joining, which is free. Plus, you get to read lots of cool background information about our books, and two of our short-stories are also available on Goodreads… for free! If you want to enter our contest, it is not too late… go here and enter. Good luck! Contest details are available through the link.

Book Signing Events

I am sorry to say that due to time and other factors, we have not signed up for other events this year, though we have already booked some events next year. We may, however, have a surprise event, but I still need to get my back side moving on that one. I will be looking at book signing opportunities at local bookstores instead of the usual Scots/Celtic festival or fantasy festival you might typically find us. Any events we set up we shall announce here.

Thank you fans and friends of the authors of the Morrigan’s Brood Series!!!

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