Trials and eBook-lations

Wow, has this been a learning experience! A show of hands – who has put their own eBooks together (versus paying someone to do it for you)? My hand can now join yours. Oh joy! Thus far, I have “successfully” created eBook files for Morrigan’s Brood on the Nook and Kindle platforms. I have uploaded both files, and I am waiting for their review process to progress. Hopefully, this means that those of you with Nooks and Kindles can read Morrigan’s Brood by the end of this week!

For those of you who have been through this before, I am sure you know how not easy this is… Well, it is pretty straight forward, but when you are learning it for the first time, it feels like walking through quicksand. The second wasn’t nearly as difficult. The repetitive part for me is filling out the same information, over and over again, on, for each ISBN for each format I am launching for each book.

inDesign has turned out to be a good program to use. It took me a while to figure out that I couldn’t just copy and paste a Word document into inDesign, or open an ePub file directly. Then I learned that everything would get crunched up if I converted a single, massive inDesign Document to an ePub file. The solution was to break it up into multiple Documents and then combine the documents to one Book, which would build in section breaks and a table of contents. Now that I have the hang of this software, when I am ready to make eBooks for Crone of War, it shouldn’t take me nearly as long. I am getting to like inDesign. With its subscription pricing, it has actually become affordable for us to use, versus buying it outright.

I will announce on this blog when these eBook versions become available. Until then, I should have other news about other stuff going on, as well as the latest Trials and eBook-lations I experience getting these eBooks to market.

Thanks to our friends and fans!

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