Houston Indie Book Festival, Contest, oh, and a Short Story

Welcome fans and friends, new and old! We just got back from the Houston Indie Book Festival, and boy are we tired. All day in the humid, sweltering heat became quite taxing. Still, we met many new friends, and we bumped into a few old friends there as well. If you visited us at the Houston Indie Book Festival, AggieCon42 (which we were at last weekend) or some other event, please feel free to say hi in the comments below. I (Christopher) have some pretty cool news to tell, so be prepared for some good reading.

Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance (Book 3) Free Read Now Available

Have you been waiting patiently for Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance to come out, or are you ravenous vampire fans who can’t wait to slate your thirst?  Well, I offer you a taste, a sample of the book we plan to release July 1.  Yes… a free read for Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance is now available.  I (Christopher) will provide links below.

Writing Session X+4, Prequel to Dark Alliance

Ever had a writing epiphany? You are in your writing environment, ideas coming at you but perhaps glancing off… then it hits you, knocking you out of this universe into the next – a great idea that brings several threads of ideas and story together into a fine tapestry. Heather and I have had a few such moments, more than a few such moments, actually… many we can’t talk about because they occurred while writing later books that have not yet been released.

Oopses Need a Home – Yours

Last year / last month / a few weeks ago, we had announced that we had a few oopses from our printer, that is books which have cover blemishes, rendering them unable to be sold; of course the paper inside is in good condition. Previously, we had offered those books for free if you paid for shipping. We had a few interested parties, so we have shipped out some of those books, but we still have two sets of Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War with cover blemishes, and all four books are just resting on my (Christopher) bookshelf behind me, waiting for new homes.

Locations of Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance

Have you ever wondered where historical (or fantastical, for that matter) events in a novel took place? Usually, you don’t have to wonder too much, because the author or publisher places a convenient map or maps in a fantasy or historical fiction novel. If you have read prior books of the Morrigan’s Brood Series, you have come to appreciate, based on many of the reviews I (Christopher) have read, the maps showing where events in our stories took place. Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance will be no different. In fact, I wanted to give our friends and fans a sneak peak at how we come up with our maps, and to even show a preliminary map from our third book. Even though this is a Dark Fantasy / Historical Fiction / Fantasy Adventure novel, we strive for accuracy in our depiction of the times when and locations where our stories take place.

Happy New Year! Also, About Book Three…

Let me ask you a question: When you finished reading Morrigan’s Brood and Morrigan’s Brood: Crone of War, did you want to find out what Marcus, Maire, Mandubratius, Mac Alpin, Claudius, and the others have been up to since the end of Book Two? If the answer is “yes”, then I have a treat for you… Morrigan’s Brood: Dark Alliance is back from the editor, and we are in the process of getting it ready for publication.